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  • Ref # 41601 Eastchester/6

    This property is ALL about location as it can’t get any better with it only being less than 4 miles from the showrooms!!

    Ref # 4336 Westchester

    This property is one of the best of the best! It reaches the full potential of elegance, class, and comfort BUT most importantly, it’s less 3 miles from the showrooms!

    Ref # 3212 Walburg

    This property is approximately 20 miles from the showrooms and happens to be located in the historic area of Winston-Salem. Also, this is the prime location for entertaining guests along with providing space for multiple guests. In addition, it’s surrounded.

  • Ref # 41302 Colfax

    This property is less than 8 miles from the showrooms but in addition it addresses the needs for extra needed relaxation as it includes a patio, hot-tub, gas grill, etc..

    Ref # 43405 Skeet Club

    This property is all about proximity and space. It happens to only be less than 7 miles from the showrooms BUT offers beyond more than enough room needed for multiple use.

    Ref # 23654 Eastchester/6

        Quaint 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Home Perfect for Temporary Stays Great Master and a Bedroom with Functional Office Space Only 7 Miles to Downtown High Point

  • Ref # 31104 Johnson St.

    3 Bedroom 2.5 Bath with futon available in office.

    Ref # 31380 Walburg

    Although, this property is located less than 12 miles from the showroom, being located in the historic town of Winston-Salem is such a win! Being surrounded by magnificent restaurants, Hanes Mall, Wake Forest University, etc., makes this property along with.

    Ref # 2130 Wendover

    This property has a diverse appeal to it as you can have the opportunity to enjoy the best that the Triad area has to offer!! Also, it’s only 11 miles from the showrooms which will allow you space to separate.

A dash of color, a layer of texture, just a touch of glam, or a curiosity at the center of a charming focal point, in so many ways, accessories are essential to great design. Gain some accessorizing inspiration as Editor at Large discusses Market’s marvelous melange of trimmings, trappings, and accoutrements with Stacy Naquin, Meredith Heron, Traci Zeller, Tina Ramchandani, Nicole Gibbons, Eileen Kathryn Boyd, Mitzi Beach, and Jeanne Chung.

Registration for Fall Market opened on July 15, so now is the time to start scheduling your flight, reserving your rooms, and thinking about the showrooms, seminars and events you want to see. With so many moving parts, planning a trip to High Point Market can seem overwhelming. But you don’t have to worry. Just follow these six steps to get from home to showroom – and back – with ease.